Over 355 students received backpacks and school supllies as part of Merrick's Back to School Bash on August 24th. Free hair cuts, dental kits and laundry soap were also provided. A special thank you to our generous donors, corporate contributors and individuals and volunteers who made the event such as success! Thank you for making a difference for children and families on St. Paul's East Side!


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Stretch your donation by giving to Merrick’s food shelf during the month of March.  Did you know that food shelves are able to purchase nearly double the amount of food that you can with the same cash? During the month of March, Merrick will receive a grant that is based off of the donations received by the food shelf,your donation to Merrick’s food shelf is stretched twice!

Please Visit Merrick Community Center Events page for more information about donation instructions,or if you would like to host a food/donation drop off.  



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The Shuharikan Dojo hosted its second annual food drive fundraiser for MCS in September – raising $618 and 200 pounds of food and personal care products.


The fundraiser, 1,002 Rolls for Food and Peace, was part of the dojo's Aikido for Peace Week.  During the roll-a-thon, the children's class performed over 1,300 martial arts rolls, raising food items and funds from their sponsors.  


The Shuharikan Dojo is a non-profit martial arts organization offering Aikido classes for adults and children. It is located at 265 West 7th Street, 3rd Floor, in St. Paul.


Picture - Courtney Roessler, Food Shelf Director, presented the Dojo leaders and children’s class with a Certificate of Appreciation for their generosity.


THANK YOU Shuharikan Dojo for your contributions and donations in support of children, families and seniors on Saint Paul's East Side!

Contractor Positions Available

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Merrick Community Services is hiring qualified individuals to fill key positions that are currently open.  
  • Snow Shovelers/Independent Contractors

    Merrick Community Services is seeking individuals to shovel senior residences in the Mac-Groveland, Highland, and Eastside neighborhoods of St. Paul. Persons must have dependable transportation with a valid drivers license and insurance. Applicants with snow removal equipment and a clean criminal history preferred. Contractors will be paid $11.50 per hour plus equipment use reimbursement. For more information, please call 651-771-6325.

National Night Out At Merrick

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Neighbors, families and friends gathered at Merrick's Community Center on August 6th from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. for food, fun, musicand more! A special thank you to our NNO partners, volunteers and community members
who contributed to the event!
District 5 Councilmember Amy Brendmoen,
District 5 Planning Council
Railroad Island Task Force,
St. Paul Fire Department
St. Paul Police Department
Merrick Community Services Staff and Dedicated Volunteers
Pictures of the event courtesy Rod Mendenhall, MCS Board Member.

Black History Month, Inspiration, Celebration, Leadership

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Merrick Hosts Black History Month
Honoring Our Past: Inspiring Youth for Leadership in the 21st Century!
 Standing room only lead way to a fun and memorable event this year at Merrick Community Services, as the East Side Community gathered in celebration of Black History Month. SPOKEN WORD, DANCE TEAM, AFRICAN DRUMMING, DRILL TEAM and SOUL FOOD SAMPLING were the day's cultural touchstones. A special thank you to all who attended, community resources and vendors,  as well as, Counclmember Amy Brendmoen, St. Paul City Council, District 5 for her closing remarks.


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Open Discussion of Poverty Through Art



Merrick's Youth Program welcomed the opportunity to work closely with its new partner, Equity Diversity Inclusion Together (EDIT) to bring arts and advocacy together as a means for youth to share their perspectives on poverty.

This project focuses on raising awareness of poverty's impact, and the families who struggle with it. Linda Coleman, Manager, Merrick's Youth and Family Services asked Merrick Youth to reflect and offer their perspectives on, “What does it mean to be poor?” and "How do we tell the story of poverty in our community with dignity, honesty, and respect?”

EDIT’s mission is to empower youth and communities to expand their awareness of diversity issues, embrace a journey toward greater understanding and acceptance, and become committed to social action in order to create a more inclusive society. Two years ago EDIT worked closely with youth programs on the North Side of Minneapolis to document the destruction of the tornado in the spring of 2011. Now they have partnered with Merrick’s youth program to bring photography and artistic expression to tough issues on the East Side.

Once the students had a strong foundation in artistic principles and storytelling, the staff began leading them on small field tripsaround the neighborhood, to interview various community leaders, law enforcement officials, and to those most affected by poverty.   MCS youth met weekly with EDIT staff to learn about photography and expression. EDIT also hosted Wing Young Huie, St. Paul's renowned photographer, whose most recent work along University Avenue in St. Paul brought attention to the Midway neighborhood.



Wing Young Huie’s many photographic projects document the dizzying socioeconomic and cultural realities of American society, much of it centered on the urban cores of his home state of Minnesota. Whether in epic public installations or international museum exhibitions, he creates up-to-the-minute societal mirrors of who we are, seeking to reveal not only what is hidden, but also what is plainly visible and seldom noticed.

His most well known works—Frogtown (1995), Lake Street USA (2000), and The University Avenue Project (2010), produced by Public Art Saint Paul—transformed Twin Cities’ urban areas into public photo galleries, reflecting the everyday lives of thousands of its citizens in the midst of some of the most diverse concentrations of international immigrants in the country.

The Minneapolis StarTribune named Wing “Artist of the Year” [PDF] in 2000, stating, “Lake Street USA is likely to stand as a milestone in the history of photography and public art.” His five published books: The University Avenue Project, Volume 1, The University Avenue Project Volume 2, Looking For Asian American: An Ethnocentric Tour, Lake Street USA, and Frogtown: Photographs and Conversations in an Urban Neighborhood. Lake Street USA was hailed by the Minneapolis StarTribune as one of 25 great books ever published about Minnesota.

The University Avenue Project—Minnesota Original, TPT




Once the students had a strong foundation in artistic principles and storytelling, the staff began leading them on small field tripsaround the neighborhood, to interview various community leaders, law enforcement officials, and to those most affected by poverty. MCS youth met weekly with EDIT staff to learn about photography and expression. EDIT also hosted Wing Young Huie, St. Paul's renowned photographer, whose most recent work along University Avenue in St. Paul brought attention to the Midway neighborhood.

Coleman smiles as she reflects on the program. “Our philosophy at the youth program—and Merrick’s vision for the future—is to provide experiences for our youth to prepare them to be community leaders in the 21st Century.”

Youth photography was featured in a special event held on January 9th, 2013 at Metropolitan Community College. In addition, project pictures will be feature as part of Merrick's new Community Voice Gallery located at is Edgeton Center



Holiday Share a Great Succes

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Merrick served over 1000 families this year! A special thank you to all who helped make season bright for children and families on Saint Paul's East Side.  Merrick also wants to acknowledge the many corporations, businesses, churches, organizations and individuals who donated to this year's campaign. Merrick's faithful volunteers worked hard sorting, stocking and helping folks in our toy shop! The smile on many of the families faces said it all!  Thank you again everyone!   If you would still like to make a monetary donation, please do so by mailing your check made out to Merrick Community Services to:
            MCS Holiday Share
            715 Edgerton Street
               Saint Paul, MN 5513
          Pictures to follow

A Big "Thank You" to Participants in the "Power of Prayer" 5K!

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 On Saturday September 1st, 2012 participants gathered at 9:00am to run or walk a "Power of Prayer" 5K, with proceeds going to Merrick Community Services!
Thank you!
For details about the event and its organizers, visit


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Merrick Selected as a Favorite Local Nonprofit!
Merrick Community Services was selected by KARE 11 as a favorite local nonprofit as part of KARE 11's "11-11-11" Celebration! Viewers were asked to recognize their favorite local non-profit organization by emailing an essay to the news station about the good work being done in their community.  Eassys were randomly selected and their organizations were recognized on November 11, 2011. Every hour, at 11 minutes after the hour, KARE 11 awarded $1,100 giving cards to individuals for their favorite local nonprofit.

Additional information and video available here.


Merrick On The Move: Big changes with a New Facility and Executive Director
East Side Review, Vol 27, Number 39  
Lillie Suburban Newspaper
by Kailtlyn Egan, News Editor
Sunday, September 25, 2011
Big changes are ahead of Merrick Community Services after the arrival of a new executive director in January, 2011 and the recent purchase of a new building on Railroad Island on September 2, 2011.
Full article available here.
 Merrick Community Services Announces Move In St. Paul
Pioneer Press
Staff Report
Posted: 09/28/2011 12:01:00 AM CDT

Merrick Community Services, a provider of services to residents of St. Paul's East Side, including families and children, said it has purchased property at 600 Lafayette Road in St. Paul that will become its new home.

Full article available here.

A New Face and A New Place: Merrick Food Shelf on the Move
East Side Review, Vol 27, Number 33
Lillie Suburban Newspaper
by Kaitlyn Egan, News Editor
Sunday, September 11, 2011
At a time when local and national attention turns toward the rise in unemployment and chronic joblessness,
Merrick Community Services programs are providing essential services to those in need.
Full article available here.

ANNOUNCEMENT! The Shuharikan Dojo Donates to Merrick!

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As part of International Aiki Peace Week 2012, the Shuharikan Dojo children’s class has set a goal to perform 1,000 rolls in a single class to raise donations for the Merrick's poverty relief programs.
The "Roll for Food" will happen on:
Saturday, September 22, 2012 from 9:30 to 10:30am
  • Donations will be accepted Aug. 1 to Sept. 22, bring non-perishable food stuffs and/or monetary donations to the dojo, with the goal of filling 20 boxes or 1,000lbs. of food stuffs!
  • Sponsor & cheer on a child in the Roll-a-thon on Sat., Sept. 22 from 9:30 to 10:30am. A simple donation of $0.25 per Roll will help each student generate their suggested goal of $25.00 and meet the 1,000 Rolls target total of $500.00!

Shuharikan Dojo

265 W. 7th Street, 3rd Floor St. Paul, MN 55102

The Shuharikan Dojo is a Minnesota Not-for-Profit Educational Corporation

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