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Senior Services

MCS' Senior Services Program is dedicated to providing services that enable area seniors to remain independent and to continue living in their own homes for as long as possible. 
For more information, please contact Jennifer Anton at   -OR-
Kari Parrish at
To reach the Senior Services Program by phone, please call
 (651) 771-6325


Meals are delivered to those 60 and older or those under 60 who are certified disabled. Meals are delivered Monday through Friday between 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. An intake is done over the telephone and services can usually be started the following day. 

        Call for your intake today (651)-771-6325  

               Need Help with the cost of your Home Delivered Meals?  

What is the Elderly Waiver Program?

The Elderly Waiver (EW) program funds home- and community-based services for people age 65 and older who are eligible for Medical Assistance (MA) and require the level of care provided in a nursing home but choose to reside in the community. The Minnesota Department of Human Services operates the EW program under a federal waiver to Minnesota’s Medicaid State Plan. Counties, tribal entities and health plan partners administer the program. 

                                          To Print out Elderly waiver Fact sheet Click Here


Brown Bag
is a monthly food distribution for seniors living on St. Paul's East Side.

 A bag of food containing 10 - 12 items is distributed twice a month at two locations. Applications are available at the MCS office  

Two different locations on First Tuesday & First Thursday of the each month  

Locations: Harding High School located at 1526 E 6th Street  distributed first Tuesday of the month
                    1075 Old Hudson Rd distributed first Thursday of the month 

(days are subject to change due to the Holidays)

                                  Times: 1:00-2:00

             CHORE SERVICES


Seniors, do you have housekeeping, yard work, or minor repairs that you are physically unable to do? 

Merrick Community Service's chore program can help.

 A sliding fee scale is available


Looking for help for a senior parent, relative, neighbor? 
MCS' senior referral services help point you in the direction you need to go.  If MCS doesn't provide the service, senior staff can tell you who does. 

   Help is closer than you think!

                  Senior LinkAge Line®


Senior LinkAge Line® is a free telephone information and assistance service, which makes it easy for older adults and their families to find community services. With a single call, people can find particular services near them or get help evaluating their situation to determine what kind of service might be helpful.

Information and Assistance Specialists direct callers to the organizations in their area that provide the services in which they are interested. Specialists can conduct three-way calls and offer follow-up as needed.

Specialists are trained health and human service professionals. They offer objective, neutral information about senior service and housing options.

In-Home Help

A number of public and private agencies provide in-home services that help seniors to remain at home independently. Some services are offered free of charge by volunteers, some are based on a sliding fee scale, and some require full payment of hourly fees. The long-term care waiver programs may help pay for these services for eligible seniors.

Chore and Home Repair Service
Chore and home maintenance services provide assistance with household chores and minor home repairs. This includes outdoor chores such as lawn mowing, leaf raking and snow shoveling. It may also include indoor heavy cleaning (washing walls, cleaning basements, etc.), minor home maintenance, as well as routine indoor housekeeping

Financial Help

There are financial aid programs available to aid people who meet certain eligibility criteria who need help with food, shelter, medical care or other basic needs. Most of these programs are funded with federal, state and local monies, managed by the state and administered through the county of residency.

Long-term Care Consultation (LTCC)
This is an evaluation completed by a county social worker and/or a public health nurse. It provides an assessment of an individual’s current living situation and needs, and is at no cost to the person or family. LTCC may also help determine if someone is eligible for a long-term care waiver program.

Elderly Waiver Program (EW) 
The Elderly Waiver (EW) program funds home and community-based services for people age 65 and older who are eligible for Medical Assistance (MA) and require the level of care provided in a nursing home, but choose to reside in the community. The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) operates the EW program under a federal waiver to Minnesota's Medicaid State Plan. Health plans administer the program.

Alternative Care Grant (AC) 
AC is a companion program to Elderly Waiver with the same general guidelines, but is for persons over age 65 who do not qualify for Medical Assistance.

Medical Assistance for Employed Persons with Disabilities (MA-EPD) 
MA-EPD allows working people with disabilities who meet certain criteria to qualify for MA under higher income and asset limits than regular MA. This is offered in conjunction with the MN Work Incentives Connection.

Other Programs for Persons under 60 with Disabilities
Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals Waiver (CADI) and Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver (TBI) and the Community Alternative Care Program (CAC) are similar waiver programs.

Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS)
CDCS allows the consumer to be in charge of the service of the services helping them remain at home. This option is similar to the other waiver programs, however, it allows the consumer more choices and involvement with their own care. You can use CDCS if you qualify for programs such as EW, AC, CADI, Title III, or MSHO.

Other programs 
Other programs include Utility (Energy Assistance) and Telephone Assistance programs, MN Supplemental Assistance (MSA), Social Security Supplemental Income (SSI), Food Support Program (food stamps) and rent or subsidized housing assistance.


MCS' senior social group meets weekly on Tuesdays located @ 1075 Old Hudson Rd, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for activities, group trips, socialization and occasional speakers on topics of interest.

Merrick Salutes the Greatest Generation
Serving those who served us!

Join us in paying tribute to our grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, friends, teachers, colleagues, military veterans and scores of other seniors to whom we owe immeasurable thanks and gratitude. And it shouldn't stop there!
Merrick's Meals On Wheels Program delivery over 40,000
hot nutritious meals yearly to seniors on Saint Paul's East Side.
Merrick Senior Chore Services provides yard work and light housekeeping for seniors.
Help keep our seniors independent!
Volunteers are always welcome to share their time and smiles!
To learn more, contact Merrick's Volunteer Office
at (651) 771-9339.

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