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Youth Services

MCS is dedicated to providing a variety of youth services in a safe, healthy environment. Programs are designed to promote responsibility and respect for self, others and property, and are offered during after-school, evening hours, Saturdays and out of school time.

MCS' trained youth staff assist program participants in setting and achieving personal and team goals that may include improved school attendance and achievement, and improved relationships.

Youth Services include:                                                                                                            
  • Leadership and Team building
  • Arts & Culture
  • East Side Student Engagement in Learning (ESSEL)
  • Field Trips 
  • Skills for Adolescents
  • Summer Youth Program
  • Tutoring & Homework Help

Leadership Groups
The Girl’s and Boy’s Leadership Groups are for youth ages 13-16. They meet twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays for four hours. These groups provide teens with an opportunity for growth in a positive environment. The youth learn to discover, strengthen, and enhance their self esteem; develop problem solving skills, communication, and leadership skills; improve or maintain their grades in school; and develop a commitment to community involvement. Participants must attend 80% of the meetings, participate in all activities, and perform sixty hours of community service throughout the year. Staff monitors the progress of each participant in the areas of education, community service, and attendance.

Teen Girls Outreach
n partnership with Open Cities Health Center, MCS provides outreach to pre-natal teens and teen moms to identify critical unaddressed needs such as pre-natal care, self-care, infant care and housing. Through a one-to-one relationship staff provides support, encouragement and resources. In 2010, MCS worked with twenty teens; seventeen of these teens were pregnant and three are teen parents. In addition to the support provided, nine expectant teens were referred to Healthy Start programs at the clinic most accessible to them; eight expectant teens, who were already receiving pre-natal care, were referred to a breast feeding class where they received free baby supplies upon completion; and three teen parents where assisted with needed baby supplies.